Speaker Bio:
Janice LeRiche



Speaking Topics:

Navy, Women in the Navy, Remembrance

MS Janice LeRiche joined as a Naval Communicator in Feb 2008 in Halifax, NS. She successfully completed BMQ in Saint Jean Quebec in March of 2008; where she was posted to CFB Esquimalt Training School to await her QL3.  She successfully completed her QL3 trades training in May 2009.  She received her first posting to the fleet to HMCS Algonquin. During her time on HMCS Algonquin, MS LeRiche took part in various international exercises such as OP Podium and Joint Warrior. In May of 2010 she was posted to CFB Halifax to HMCS Athabaskan. Her time there was spent as a junior communicator learning the skills of her trade and gaining experience as a young sailor. In March of 2012 she was promoted to LS. She participated in OP Nanook in July 2012 and posted to CFB Halifax at Shiplan Support in September 2012, where she gained skill full knowledge in the IT portion of her trade. In June 2016 she was posted to HMCS Charlottetown as the Information Systems Administrator and deployed on Operational Reassurance.

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