Speaker Bio:
Robert Tanguay


English & French

Speaking Topics:

UN, NATO, Technology, Careers, Military History, Remembrance, Cold War, Peacekeeping

I joined the Canadian Army at age 17 in January on 1971. I served 3 times in the Middle-East with the UN and served with NATO for 5 years. I spent 32 years in uniform and also served Canada/DND as a civil servant for 11 years at the Canadian Armed Forces Leadership and Recruit School. I taught my trade for 4 years in Kingston Ontario at the Canadian Forces Communication and Electronics and Engineering. I love to pass on my knowledge and experience to young people, I am at ease while speaking of my experiences in every theatre I was deployed. I am a conflict resolution facilitator and a Harassment investigator. I can discuss any subject that the young people of Canada would which to discuss with me. I consider myself a good speaker and when given the proper time to prepare I can make an effective speech for any type of audience. I am available now and will be available prior to Remembrance Day. I may have to take a break for health reasons, but I will not give up on your team. Public speaking is a passion for me and again I stress the fact that I just have this urge to pass on my knowledge and experience.

The Memory Project includes a community of over 1,500 veterans and Canadian Forces members who are committed to sharing their stories of service.

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