Speaker Bio:
Robert Tanguay


English & French

Speaking Topics:

UN, NATO, Technology, Careers, Military History, Remembrance, Cold War, Peacekeeping

CWO (ret) Robert Tanguay joined the Canadian Army at age 17 in January in 1971. CWO (ret) Tanguay served 3 times in the Middle East with the UN where he was deployed in Egypt in 1973/74 during the Yum Kippur war, he was also deployed in the Golan Heights Syria in 1980 and again in Israel in 1998/99. He also served with NATO in West Germany for five years. He spent 32 years in uniform and also served Canada/DND as a civil servant for 11 years at the Canadian Armed Forces Leadership and Recruit School. CWO (ret) Tanguay taught his trade for four years in Kingston, Ontario, at the Canadian Forces Communication and Electronics and Engineering. He loves to pass on his knowledge and experience to young people, and he is at ease while speaking of his experiences in every theatre he was deployed. CWO (ret) Tanguay is a conflict resolution facilitator and a harassment investigator. He can discuss any subject that the young people of Canada would which to discuss with him. He considers himself a good speaker in both official languages and when given the proper time to prepare he can make an effective speech for any type of audience. CWO Tanguay is available now and will be available prior to Remembrance Day. Public speaking is a passion for him and he would like to stress the fact that he just has an urge to pass on his knowledge and experience.

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