Speaker Bio:
Claude-Anne Spiecker


English & French

Speaking Topics:

Air Force, Conflict in Afghanistan, Canadian Armed Forces, Women in Aviation, Careers, Technology, English

I started my career in the military as a clarinet player with the ceremonial guard in Ottawa in 2006. Once I had my Master in Education, I enrolled in the regular force as a Training Development Officer in 2010. I was posted to Winnipeg where I traveled a lot to help establish their training curriculum and assist instructors. I event got to travel to Yellowknife twice. I was lucky to get selected to deploy in Afghanistan in 2013 as a training advisor for the Afghan Air Force. My favourite part of my deployment was getting to know the Afghan culture and the amazing men and women working for the Afghan Air Force. When I came back to Canada, I was posted to the School of Military Engineering. where I helped to develop their curriculum and work with their instructors to improve their skills. Now I work for the Royal Canadian Artillery School where I also assist with their curriculum and help their instructors to be better instructors. I would love to talk about being a woman working in the military, as the reason I enrolled was that it was a calling for me. I love being part of something greater then me. I love the sense of duty that comes with serving in the military.

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