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Derrick Nearing



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Army, Conflict in Afghanistan, Peacekeeping, Careers, Operational Medicine, Remembrance

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I was born in the small coal mining town of New Waterford, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, having wonderful parents who worked hard to make enough to get by, raising myself and four brothers and sisters. I began my military career as a teenager joining the Reserves as a member of 45 Field Engineer Squadron in 1979 until my transfer to the Regular Force in 1991, serving an additional twenty-two years there, finally retiring on Christmas 2013. My career was adventure filled with both good and bad times, from Somalia (1993), Rwanda (1994), Bosnia (1997) and finally two tours to Afghanistan (2007 and 2008/09). Within Canada I was posted to Canadian Forces Bases Petawawa, Trenton, Borden and as Support Staff to 17 Medical Company in Thunder Bay and did tasks and exercises all over this wonderful country of ours. My career was intense and non-stop from beginning to its end. From patrolling with the infantry on tours, to working hospitals both here in Canada and overseas, being a Physician Assistant in the Forward Operating Bases in Afghanistan, caring for the troops. I have been fortunate to have seen and done so much. Unfortunately, at the end of my career I retired with a few medical issues. Some injuries were physical which I gathered as my career was taking place, while other injuries were mental health and eventually PTSD and Depression finally caught up with me and in the end were the main reason for my retirement. I love to talk about the military, about our brave men and women and about all I have gone through during my time in the Canadian Forces and of the amazing opportunities the military provides.

Topics: Army, Humanitarian, Overseas Missions, Military Medicine, Education

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