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Steven Trainor



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Navy, Air Force, Cadets, Domestic Service, Careers, Technology, Operation

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Capt Trainor joined the Naval Reserves in 2001 in Calgary, AB as a Naval Combat Information Operator (Radars). Before that, he was a Sea Cadet in Calgary. He transferred out to Victoria BC and embarked on numerous sails on board Canada's Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs) conducting such Domestic Ops as Fisheries Patrols, Sovereignty Patrols, Maritime Interdiction, Support to RCMP, Route Survey, Mine sweeping, and more.

In 2008 he became a CAF recruiter and was quickly selected to teach Basic training. After 2 years of teaching to both Non-commissioned members and Officers, then Master Seaman Trainor transferred to the Regular Air Force as an Air Combat Systems Officer. He attended Royal Military College in Kingston, ON, gaining a BA in Economics. He completed his wings course in 2014 in Winnipeg, MB and was posted to 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron in Victoria BC. Once qualified on the CH124 Sea King, he deployed to the Asia Pacific region on OP PROJECTION and subsequently on OP REASSURANCE in the Baltic and North Seas. Domestically, he has responded to numerous distress calls by Canadians and Americans while airborne. As well, he has been called on to support OP LENTUS in a search and rescue capacity during the BC Floods. Most recently, Capt Trainor was posted to Canadian Joint Operations Command Headquarters (CJOC HQ) as a staff officer, first as a policy drafter, Ethics advisor, and Programmes officer, then as Executive Assistant to the Director-General of Readiness. Most recently, during the Pandemic response, Captain Trainor was part of a small team at the HQ that worked tirelessly to limit the spread of COVID-19 and ensure that the CAF was ready to respond when needed.

Capt Trainor has 2 young daughters and his spouse is a Legal Officer in the Navy. He has participated in international competitive fencing with the Military through the CISM program. Highlights of his career thus far include: Teaching new recruits, Search and rescue, Learning new languages, seeing the world, and flying.


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