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Alison MacLean



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Conflict in Afghanistan, Canadian Armed Forces, Women in the military, Operation, Combat Camera

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In 2010, I embedded with Canadian and American Forces in Afghanistan, as a Independent Documentarian. Previously, I worked for The Sports Network as one, of a few female Sport Camera people. Specialized in Car Racing, Hockey, World Series Baseball, and worked on numerous Olympic Sport profiles. Outside the Wire, released on W Network in 2010, for Remembrance Day, to honour Canada's Service in Afghanistan. Supported by a national audience, the troops, as well as Afghan Service Women, who asked me to return to Afghanistan and document their stories of courage. Burkas2Bullets, is the result of my Combat Camera tours, with Nato Soldiers, and Afghan women in 2012, 2014, and 2016. Abduction attempts, and front line action through out Afghanistan, has taught me to be more resilient, and compassionate toward all people. As a female in a Moslem country, I was able to interview Afghan Service women, and platform their stories of courage, while supporting our Coalition Women, and Men, in Service. My focus continues to be on Women in Combat, on the front lines, in Hazard Zones.In 2018, Burkas2Bullets, received a Remi Award from Houston, Worldfest FF, and Premiered in Los Angeles in 2018. Honoured to receive the Sovereign Medal from GG Payette, in April 2018. Proud to continue documenting Women in Service, around the world. Diversity is a important theme for my work. I have Archived Chinese Canadian Veteran stories, for ten years, and First Nation Service stories. I continue to seek out under told narratives. Injured in Kandahar in 2010, I have a right knee prosthetic, and have had 3 knee upgrades, in order to continue with my work. I try to redefine the concept of disability.

The Memory Project includes a community of over 1,500 veterans and Canadian Forces members who are committed to sharing their stories of service.

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