Speaker Bio:
Lieutenant (Navy) Kevin Ng



Speaking Topics:

Navy, Canadian Armed Forces, Remembrance, Careers, Technology, Operation

Lieutenant (Navy) Kevin Ng is a Naval Warfare Officer of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), currently serving in Naval Reserve Headquarters as the staff officer in charge of recruiting for Ontario. Kevin is specialized as a navigating officer and operations officer in the Kingston-class Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels (MCDVs), and has served in eight of Her Majesty's Canadian Ships based in Halifax and Esquimalt. The highlights of his sailing career include seizing 2.5 tonnes of illegal narcotics in the Caribbean Sea, and setting the record for the furthest north ever travelled by an RCN ship in the Canadian Arctic. Kevin graduated from the University of Ottawa and the Naval Officer Training Centre VENTURE, and is pursuing a master's degree in leadership from Royal Roads University. Kevin was born in Halifax, and currently lives in Toronto with his wife Erin.

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