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James Land



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Army, Conflict in Afghanistan, Remembrance, Careers, Operation, Domestic Service

My names is James Land and im originally from Yarmouth Nova Scotia. I joined the reserves intially in Jan of 1994 as an Artilleryman then was transferred to the regular forces,2RCHA in CFB Petawawa in early 1996. In 1997 I was part of the Manitoba floods ,and then early in 1998 I was part of the Ont/Que ice storm relief effort. I was sent on my first overseas tour with the Artillery to Bosnia as an armoured vehicle driver and communicator in what was called a “foo/fac” detachment. Shortly after my first tour, I requested a transfer to another Army trade “Materials Technician” in the RCEME branch. (Welder,machinist,refinisher,textiles ,repairs etc) as I initially wanted this trade because I was a civilian welder before joining. After my trades training in Borden Ont., I was then posted to CFB Edmonton at 1 SVC Bn .In 2003 I was part of the relief efforts in BC during the fires. Upon completion of my hours required in my trade I was then sent on another tour to Afghanistan in 2005 for seven months with 3PPCLI. I was then sent back to 1SVC BN as a supervisor for my trade until 2010 when I was then sent back to Afghanistan for 6 months for the close out mission. Shortly after my return I was posted to 1PPCLI as their Materials Technician. In 2013 I was sent to High River Ab as part of the flood relief effort. Unfortunately I was medically released from the Army in 2017 after 23 yrs, three tours of duty and four domestic relief operations and many many courses!! It was a hard but wonderful career with alot of memories. I was fortunate as I got to serve in many different units in the Army which most people dont get the chance to do. I love sharing stories and experiences as it also helps me to remember little things I forgot about, this always happens when I get to speak to groups and organizations. James Land CD

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