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Warrant Officer Krista McKeough



Speaking Topics:

Army; Conflict in Afghanistan; Peacekeeping; Women in the military; Careers; Technology

Born in Richmond, British Columbia, in the fall of 1978, Warrant Officer McKeough enrolled on April 23rd 1998, initially she joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an infantry soldier, following her Basic and Battle School Training she changed trades to become a Vehicle Technician within the Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Core, where she completed her trade’s qualifications.

In July of 2000, she was posted to 1 Brigade in Edmonton, Alberta, where she served with 1 Service Battalion. By the spring of 2001, she had completed her Qualification level 4 with the Royal Canadian Lord Strathcona Horse Regiment, where she began to work on tanks. Later she proceeded back to Borden, Ontario, for her Qualification level 5 training, where she learned how to be a Mobile Repair Team Crew Commander. Upon her return to Edmonton in 2002, she deployed on OPERATION PALLADIUM with the National Support Element to Bosnia Herzogvina, where she worked out of the camp Velika Kladusa as part of a second line Mobile Repair Team.

Returning from tour, WO McKeough received a posting west to Canadian Forces Base Esquimalt. By 2006, she was on training in New Mexico, Valcartier, Germany and Wainwright, Alberta, preparing for her second deployment overseas, this time to Afghanistan where she  worked with the Battle Group in C Squadron, on the Armored Recovery Vehicle, repairing and recovering vehicles.

Promoted to the rank of Master Corporal in 2009, she was again posted to Alberta, but this time to Western Area Training Centers, Area Support Unit in Wainwright. In 2011, she deployed on OPERATION IMPACT roto 0, with the Strategic Line of Communication Detachment in Kuwait, as Integral Support for maintenance. After completing some French training she was promoted once again to the rank of Sergeant, posted back to Borden, Ontario and was employed as a Section Commander in Standards for Vehicle Company, at the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineer School.

In June of 2016 she was promoted to her current rank of Warrant Officer, and took over as the Regimental Company Operations Warrant Officer, since then she has been posted to 2 Brigade in Petawawa, where she is employed as the Control Officer for 2 Combat Engineering Regiment.

She attributes her carrier success to the variety of people she has worked with (both good and bad), a stubborn and loyal streak that is a mile long and her authenticity. When she puts all of those qualities together, it allows her to transform as required to effectively navigate the ever changing dynamics faced as an Armed Forces member.  She believes to do this job there are key communication components necessary and to be a great leader it must be done with courage, integrity, respect and loyalty.

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