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Alan Dickie



Speaking Topics:

Army; Conflict in Afghanistan; Peacekeeping; Cold War; Canadian Armed Forces; Technology; Careers

Major (Retired) Dickie Joined the Canadian Army as a Private in and Armoured Reconnaissance unit in 1974. He deployed as a Peacekeeper to Cyprus for six months in 1978. In 1982 he transferred to the Intelligence trade, working at Army Headquarters for the next three years.

In 1985 Maj (Ret'd) Dickie was posted to Canadian Forces Europe Headquarters in Lhar, West Germany, where he briefed UN aircrews and served as the Middle East Analyst.

In 1990, after two years of language training, Maj(Ret'd) Dickie was sent to the Canadian Embassy in Beijing as the assistant to the Military Attache. During this time China transitioned from a state of martial law after the TianAnMen incident to the beginnings of the modern economic society we know today.

After Returning from China and working in the CF's Imagery Exploitation unit Maj(Ret'd) Dickie served in 2 Brigade in Petawawa, deploying to the Flood in Manitoba and Winnipeg in 1997 and the Ice Storm in Ontario and Quebec in 1998 as well as a number of other domestic operations.

In 2004, while serving as the Sergeant-Major of a Reserve Intelligence Unit in Ottawa Maj (Ret'd) Dickie was commissioned to the rank of Captain. In 2008 he was made acting Commanding Officer of the unit and then in 2009, upon promotion to Major, he was confirmed as the Commanding Officer. He retired from the Canadian Forces in 2014 after 40 years of service.

Maj (Ret'd) Dickie is very familiar with the main pillars of the Intelligence function having qualified as an Advanced Imagery Analyst and a Signals Intelligence Analyst and having worked in the fields of Counter Terrorism, Human Intelligence, Electronic Intelligence and Measured and Signature Intelligence. His experience covers the last decade of the Cold War, through the short-lived "Peace Dividend" when most operations were Humanitarian or Domestic in nature and into the regional conflicts that Canada has participated in such as Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and other, smaller conflicts.

Maj (Ret'd) Dickie has extensive experience in applying the intelligence function in different types of operations and in the training, deployment and reintegration of Intelligence Operators and Officers for modern warfare.

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