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Captain Travis Lethbridge



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I joined the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) a bit later in life than most at the age of thirty years old after being a paramedic in Manitoba for most of my twenties. It was quickly apparent that joining the RCAF was one of the very best choices I could have made in life. I was selected for the Air Combat Systems Officer trade and eventually found myself as a Tactical Coordinator on the CH-124 Sea King Maritime Helicopter. I served in a number of evolutions and discovered the absolute joy of flying off of warships in a number of "interesting" places in the world. I was a Tactical Coordinator during Op MOBILE in NATO's observation of the fall of the Libyan dictator Quaddaffi in 2011 as well as participating in OP CARRIBBE in 2014. I have "the very best job in the entire world" and welcome the opportunity to share my experiences with tomorrow's Canadian leaders.

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