Speaker Bio:
Dominic Varvaro



Speaking Topics:

Army; Peacekeeping; Cold War; Canadian Armed Forces

I served as a CAF reservist from 1970 to 1989 with the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery 2nd Field regiment based in Montreal and retired with a Canadian Decoration (CD) and the rank of Warrant Officer. My primary trade in the artillery was that of a detachment commander which meant I oversaw the firing of an artillery piece, in this case a 105 howitzer. I also performed other jobs such as radio operator, artillery technician, and heavy equipment driver. I’d love to talk about my experiences in the armed forces during the 1970’s – in particular the types of equipment we used and how it has evolved, the training I underwent with the regular forces in Lahr, Germany with 1RCHA as a cold-war soldier, and lastly serving with the 73 Sigs Squadron as a peacekeeper in the middle east in 1976 – 1977.

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