Speaker Bio:
Sgt Jason Patterson



Speaking Topics:

Peacekeeping, Afghanistan

Originally from Saint John, New Brunswick, I have been serving the Canadian Armed Forces since I was 17 when I joined the reserves. I transferred to the Regular Force joining the ranks of the PPCLI which during my time with the Infantry I attained the rank of Sergeant and completed multiple tours to Bosnia and Afghanistan. I transferred to the Air Force becoming an Airborne Electronics Sensor Operator (AES Op) which I am presently doing, flying on the Sea Kings. Also as an AES Op I have completed tours doing Drug Interdiction in the Caribbean and Operation Unified Protector off of the coast of Libya. I have had quite a colourful career in the CAF on the international stage and like to say and believe that I took part in representing Canada. I'm also proud to say I have been all over Canada from coast to coast including the high North doing such things as the normal military exercises and aid to civil power where the CAF was required to aid our fellow Canadians in their time of need. Be it providing security during the Olympics and on another occasion Fighting fires in British Columbia, filling sand bags during the floods in Manitoba, aiding Quebec during the ice storm and conducting Sovereignty Operations above the Arctic Circle working with our Rangers, just to name a few within Canada’s Borders. As for what topics to talk to, where to begin! Because I have served with all three elements, I’ve done just about a little of everything from Domestic duties, Peacekeeping and finally seeing Combat.

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