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Steve Mercer



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Army; Peacekeeping; Domestic Service; Canadian Armed Forces; Careers; PTSD; Addressing veterans

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I joined the Canadian Forces in Sept of 1990, joining my regiment in Apr 1991 after completing all my basic training. I was assigned as an armoured car driver with B Sqn, RCD upon arrival. Over then next couple of years I was a tracked ambulance driver and a loader in a tank (the most fun there is in the army I think, lol). Then in Jan of 1994 we were told we'd be training for and deploying to Bosnia in Oct 1994. It was a very busy time as we had to finish our usual tank stuff and then learn new skills to reroll as infantry to go to Bosnia. I was in country for 7 months, in the middle of an active war that we weren't allowed to stop.

When w came back, life returned to almost normal. I got married and we had a daughter. I deployed to the Winnipeg flood in '97, the Ice Storm in '98 and the Snow Storm in '99.

Around then, my life changed significantly. My wife passed away from cancer and I was left as an only parent. I had myself switched over to the training side of the army and spent the next 8 or so years training other soldiers in various skills. I would like to highlight my time in Bosnia, my time spent prior to Bosnia and life experience in general.

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