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Michael Pretty



Speaking Topics:

Army, Navy.

Major Retired Michael Pretty CD2, served for 33 Years from 1981 to 2014 in the Navy (1.5 years) and Army both in the Regular and Reserve Forces. His Regular Army service was with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) (28 years) and this reserve service was with The Royal Newfoundland Regiment (R NFLD R). Michael served in several areas of Canada and the USA as well as tours of duty in Germany, France, Cyprus, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Latvia, England and the Ukraine. He is an avid historian especially the Great War and gives talks on his experiences as a soldier, the First World War, the Balkan Wars and the Life of a soldier in WW1 why they joined etc. He specializes in Newfoundlander's involvements in foreign conflicts. He currently resides in Portugal Cove, Nfld, where he teaches First Aid through the Canadian Red Cross, volunteers helping veterans, Chairs the town's Heritage Committee and runs a Charity called Trail of the Caribou Research Group.

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