Speaker Bio:
Sheldon Maerz



Speaking Topics:

Afghanistan, History

Have been a volunteer speaker for the Dominion Institute, the Historica-Dominion Institute, and Historica Canada since 2002 - activities were concurrent with those on behalf of the Royal Canadian Legion. Have served on four overseas missions in 23 years service with the Canadian Forces. More importantly, my father volunteered at 17 to join the Canadian Forces in 1941, and would ultimately serve with the Canadian Scottish Regiment, being wounded at Deventer, Netherlands on 09 Apr 45. I have spoken at numerous Remembrance Day services in two provinces, and also enjoy speaking to school classes. Normally I speak of Canada's sacrifice on the fields of battle, and why it is important that all Canadians know of this sacrifice, and why it is important to remember. I have spoken of Afghanistan service on specific occasions, but it is most certainly not my main effort.

The Memory Project includes a community of over 1,500 veterans and Canadian Forces members who are committed to sharing their stories of service.

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