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Lisa Tucker-Giza



I am Lisa Tucker-Giza, CD MCpl Ret’d. I served 12 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as an Army Communications Information System Specialist. During my time I gained extensive knowledge on both Army and Aeronautical Communications. Some of my specialties included Radio Controlled Counter- Improvised Explosive Device (RC C-IED) training, setting up and running a Field Command Post (CP), Radio Rebroadcast Detachments (RRB Det), and monitoring and relaying all communications passed via radio, telephone, or other means.

During my time at 8 Wing Trenton I was attached to the Military Aeronautical Communication Systems Centre (MACS). We were a 24-7 operational based communication centre where we monitored all military flights all around the world keeping track of their location and providing weather updates for their flight paths amongst other things. We were also the main communication line for all Search and Rescue operations throughout Eastern Canada. I served one tour in Afghanistan from May-November 2010. Originally my tour was slated to be part of the National Support Element (NSE) but when I arrived at Kandahar Airfield (KAF) there was an immediate need to send one qualified signaler our to Camp Nathan Smith to assist with the handover and training of the American group that would eventually take over that forward operating base (FOB). I was transported to that FOB and was an integral part of the setup of a new group which we would later be called Combined Team Kandahar City (CTKC) It was mostly American run with just a handful of us Canadians to assist with the handover of that entire camp. I worked outside the wire with this group for just over 5 months.

I have been out of the military since 2017. I was medically released for my injuries sustained in Afghanistan. I am now residing in St Thomas, Ontario, where my husband is still serving and working out of London. We have 4 children (14, 12 & twin 6 year olds). I still haven’t found my next career, but am hoping to move forward on that new journey soon!

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