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Ron M Weeks, CD



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History of military events

Retired Master Warrant Officer Regimental QM Sergeant (RQMS) RON M WEEKS CD

I have served in the Canadian military for over forty years, in a wide range of functions and roles from my first day on July 6, 1970 until I retired on Jan 31, 2012. I started in the Primary Reserve Infantryman, Military Police (Provost Corp) and Supply and Logistics technician.

Today you might find me as the President of the Legion branch in BC as well as an active member of the Zone for Southern Gulf Islands area. I serve as the Branch Legion Service Officer for the Mayne Island branch, assisting Veterans and their families.  I encourage fellow former members of the military to share and remind the public of all the great adventures they have achieved in our careers.  In time I too will fill a role with the National Association of Federal Retirees, to enable more people to live and be supported by men and women who care after their careers to volunteer and support families.

The Memory Project in your community. You will learn more then you ever thought of what our men and women contribute to a better world, country and even down the street from where you live. I believe that I was as good a prodigy as I became an effective mentor, In a metaphoric way.

Today the youth and young men and women of the future need not to be reminded or told of the past as they continue to show keen interest in the future of our CANADA. I want to conclude to the reader  the true work of being an Ambassador for the Memory Project is a role that offers the individual much more then a simple visit with people, It so often can show how much our youth and communities want to learn about our personal history, through a visit from our Memory Project Team people.

The Memory Project includes a community of over 1,500 veterans and Canadian Forces members who are committed to sharing their stories of service.

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