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Ron M Weeks



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History of military events

I have served in the Canadian military for over forty years in field units across this country. I started in the Primary Reserve Infantryman, Military Police (Provost Corp) and Supply and Logistics technician. In my duties and terms as a full time soldier, for over most of the career I also presented to groups of young people, and adult organizations about the history of military events from 1800 to the present era. I also serve as the Branch Legion Service Officer for the Mayne Island branch in my home location, as well as Musician Bass Drummer for a local Pipes and Drum Band in Victoria BC. I encourage fellow former members of the military to share and remind the public of all the great adventures they have achieved in our careers and also ask you the public to show your solidarity by asking us to come and discuss the reason for The Memory Project in your community. You will learn more then you ever thought of what our men and women contribute to a better world, country and even down the street from where you live. A short review of my term of service 1970 -2012 I have been now retired and out of formal uniform now since January 2012. This leads me to thinking of all those men, women, youth and cadets I met, worked or was deployed through my entire term of service. I believe that I was as good a prodigy as I was allowed to be an effective mentor. In a metaphoric way, I balanced each Canadian Army or other formation member whether an Officer, Non Commissioned member, peer or person I was appointed to train or develop. I connected with each person whether through casual or lasting relationships in all my trades and employment like setting dominoes or game tiles in rows. I look back over forty plus years of tiles being set in rows by my hands in a creative picture design called 'My Retirement masterpiece setting', I realize that many of those unique people as prodigy or mentor watched me set each subsequent tile in place. Each person I interacted with has contributed to working towards my last day in uniform. Over forty and a bit years, I have set many tiles and vast rows to create this domino masterpiece. Soon I will watch it all come together in a great flow of energy and motion as that last domino tile is pushed to start the process of kinetic movement. I thank all of the tiles who contributed to the collection of a soldier's work that awaits my final setting piece. I hope you all will cheer when that final tile clicks to rest in the near future. You know who you are of my tiles from the military past, present and even a few tiles yet to set on the floor. I thank all the people who took part or watched me labor in my lifelong creation of this work. Retired Master Warrant Officer Regimental QM Sergeant (RQMS) RON M WEEKS CD

The Memory Project includes a community of over 1,500 veterans and Canadian Forces members who are committed to sharing their stories of service.

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