Speaker Bio:
Andrew Wright



Speaking Topics:

Cold War, Afghanistan, Canadian Citizenship

I joined the British army in 1973. Was stationed in West Germany with the British Army On the Rhine (BAOR) as an Armoured Corps tank crewman (Cold War). Served two tours in Northern Ireland fighting terrorism during the "troubles." In 1979 I came back to Canada and joined the Canadian army. Posted to Germany after RV81 as a tank commander. Then I went flying in helicopters as a Tactical Helicopter Observer in both Germany and Canada. 1994 Bosnia as a forward air controller. 2007 Afghanistan as a surveillance drone operator. I was medically released,from cumulative PTSD. As far as speaking engagements I try to open it up to questions and tailor the talk to the general age of the audience,interests, and information requested. If I have a good idea of the subject/s requested then I tailor my talk to it. Almost no subject is "out of bounds." the physical and mental costs of my career as well as how it feels to be involved in operations is important. How I interpret soldiering during the last 40 years and how it has been interwoven with events.

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