Speaker Bio:
Ronald (RON) Gross



Speaking Topics:

United Nations, Peacekeeping, Army

I served in the Canadian Army from 1960 to 1967, Including United Nation Peace Keeping (UNFICYP). Also I've held the Branch Presidents office for four years with the Waterloo-Wellington North Branch of The Royal Canadian Regiment Association. I now hold the Past Presidents Office with the WWNB. I was awarded the Minister of Veterans Affairs Commendation on October 24, 2014 for many speaking engagements: CF Reconnect seminars for Veterans and their families. Operation INFO which was designed to educate Veterans about changes to the new Veterans Independence Program 2013-14. I have been speaking on both Radio and Television about Veterans issues and helped Veterans with injury claims and medals. My favorite time is speaking to the young people about Canadian Military History. I have been speaking in schools for about five years now and have presented many power point presentations for students. This next two years will see WW1 presentations and video about Vimy Ridge, as it will be 100 years in 2017. The different programs are for grades one through 12. I hope that many older students (5 through 12) see the two presentations; "A Nation Born (25min)", or "Innocence Lost (25min)". Each these two programs are great learning tools for our students and will be presented with a short video of the Canadian Army today (2min). Also there will be time for Q&A engagement with the students.

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