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Frank Reid



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Cold War, Peacekeeping, Army, Military History

  • Frank Reid in Cyprus

  • Frank Reid as a young soldier

  • Frank Reid and his comrades taking a break

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Frank Reid joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1972 and spent the next 8 years having the privilege of serving one of the most honourable organizations in the world. After basic training, Frank served with the Royal Canadian Regiment and deployed with them to Cyprus in 1974, four month after the invasion of the island by Turkey. There, on the Green Line and under the Blue Beret, Frank learned the ins and outs of Peacekeeping when there was no peace to keep. Following the tour in Cyprus, Frank was posted to Germany with 3rd Mechanized Commando during the Cold war. Frank spent 4 years in Europe and had the opportunity to work with soldiers from the USA, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Now semi-retired, Frank spends his time giving presentations on the modern day veteran and Individual Military History (IMH). Frank published a novel in 2011 based on his military career called “1972-1979 A Canadian Soldier at Peace”. In conjunction with the RCR Association, Frank produced a video used by the Ontario School Board which tells the story of modern day veterans. Frank also writes articles for National and International military periodicals and is a guest blogger for the Laurier Centre for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies (LCMSDS) which is part of the Department of History at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo. Frank is one of the founding members of the Royal Canadian Regiment Association Waterloo-Wellington North Branch in Ontario and was its first President. Frank’s main area of expertise is the invasion of Cyprus in 1974, the Cold War 1975-1979 and the battle of Vimy Ridge, as well as some WW1 and WW2 presentations.

Frank parcipated in The Royal Canadian Regiment Association, Waterloo-Wellington Branch video "Remembering the Heroes." If you would like to watch this video, you can view it here.

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