Speaker Bio:
Lt (N) (retd) Sylvain Bouliane


English & French

Speaking Topics:

Navy, Air Force, Peacekeeping, Cadets, Technology, Careers

Sylvain was born in Montreal, Qc and his carreer in the uniform started at age 12 when he joined the sea cadet in Sorel, Qc. At age 17, he enrolled in the CF and served with the Engineers for 25 years on retirement as a MWO. During his time of service, he served in St. Jean, Qc, Cold Lake, Ab, Montreal, QC (Longue-Pointe, St. Hubert and Farnham), Lahr (Germany), returned to Montreal and retired in Edmonton, Ab. During his time in the CF, he was deployed to CFS Alert (1967), Camp El Gala, CCUNFME II (Egypt) (1978) and Croatia/Bosnia with UNPROFOR/IFOR (1995). He continued his uniform career when he joined the Corps of Commissionaires for 3 years working in Montreal at Revenue Canada, Canadian Space Agency, CISIS and Calgary Police Service.

Sylvain moved to Alberta in 2000 and joined the Calgary Catholic School District until present. He re-joined the uniform with the Cadet Instructor Cadre with #335 RCSCC Calgary and achieved the position of Commanding Officer with the rank of Lieutenant (Navy) for 10 more years. His awarded medals are: SSM (Peace), CPSM, UNEFMEII, UNPROFOR, NATO-FRY, QEIIDJM, CD 2nd class and the Navy League of Canada Long service Medal. He is an active member of various veteran organizations (#285 Legion, RAUSI, ANAVETS, NOAC, FSNA, CNVA, Armed Forces Pension Annuitant Association) and a volunteer with various museums. He presently reside the Ottawa area.

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