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MWO (Ret.) William Wilson



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Army, Navy, Air Force, Peacekeeping, Afghanistan, Medicine

  • MWO (retd) William Wilson

  • MWO (retd) William Wilson in Rwanda

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I was born and raised on a farm in Southwestern Ontario. With a need to see the world and the want of finding adventure along the way I joined the Canadian Forces. I said to ther recruiter that "I wanted to help people and I wanted to wear a blue uniform". So in 1988 I was off to basic training to learn to become a soldier first before learning to become a Medic. My postings include Cold Lake, Petawawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Halifax. In 2008, I accepted a posting as a Liaison officer at Scott AFB in Shiloh Illinois assisting with training and the movement of medical evacuations out of Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2009 I left the regular forces and became a reservist. My overseas deployments have taken me to Somalia (1993), Rwanda (1994), Bosnia (2000) and Afghanistan (2002). I served as a Medic on all of my deployments except for a Navy Deployment circumnavigating Africa in 2007 for which I was a Physician Assistant. From helping to run a hospital to patrolling with the infantry as a company Medic and serving as the Senior Medical authority of a Canadian Navy Frigate, I have seen and been involved in a lot of situations (good and bad). I enjoy speaking about my experiences.

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