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Where every day is Remembrance Day…

Founded in 2001, The Memory Project Speakers Bureau is one of Historica Canada’s most successful educational initiatives. This free, bilingual program gives veterans and currently serving Canadian Forces members a platform to share their stories of military service with fellow Canadians, young and old. The Memory Project Speakers Bureau is a diverse community of 1,500 volunteers from across Canada who visit classrooms and community groups online or in person all year round.

Memory Project speakers represent a wide range of missions and operations, including the Second World War, Korean War, Peacekeeping, NATO and Afghanistan, as well as domestic service.

To date, the program has reached over 1.4 million Canadians.

The Memory Project Speakers Bureau is made possible through generous funding from The Government of Canada.

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This DVD brings firsthand experiences of Canadian veterans to your classroom or community. The digital companion to the celebrated Memory Project Speakers Bureau offers a collection of 13 remarkable stories from Canadian veterans of the First World War to the War in Afghanistan.

This nationwide bilingual project will create a record of Canada’s participation in the Second World War and Korean War as seen through the eyes of thousands of veterans. The Memory Project will provide every living Second World War and Korean War veteran with the opportunity to share their memories through oral interviews and digitized artefacts and memorabilia. These stories and artefacts are available on this site for teachers, students and the general public.