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John Eddy


  • Mr. John Eddy and a friend in Aldershot, England in 1945.

    John Eddy
  • Portrait of Mr. John Eddy after the war in 1946.

    John Eddy
  • Mr. John Eddy in March, 2010.

    Historica Canada
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"I said a prayer every day. I said, 'Lord, just give me this day.'"


I said a prayer every day. I said, Lord, just give me this day. I want the whole week or the whole month; just give me this day. He said, I’ll see what I can do. And I got through it. But there was so many people - men, mostly - killed, it was terrible when you think of it. Most people going from civilian life into the army haven’t very much, you know, they don’t know what’s happening. The main thing is I did what I was told to do; I didn’t overdo it, I tried not to. Just did what I was told to do. And finally, the day came when they said that was it and they put me back out in civilian life again. But I knew that I was one of the fortunate ones that I was able to walk away from them. The secret is just to take one day at a time. And finally, it come to an end. You didn’t know what’s going to happen the next day but it came to an end and they took us down to the port, and we got on a boat and came home. Thank God for that.
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