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Harold Goldman


  • Harold Goldman volunteered for service in the Pacific theatre. On board the Troopship Statheden, he was given this cigarette case. July 1945.

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"We participated in most of the major battles of northern France, and of course Belgium, Holland and Germany."


My name is Harold Goldman. I was in the Boys' Army. I joined the Boys' Army in 1940. The Boys' Army consisted of those who were under eighteen and under seventeen years of age. I was sixteen years old, actually, when I went into the Boys' Army, which became affiliated with the 48th Highlanders Rotary Youth Training Corps. When I turned seventeen years old, I went into the Reserves. I was too young to go Active Service, and I joined the Governor General's Horse Guard Reserve Army. When I turned eighteen, I went into Active Service, and was placed in the Royal Canadian Artillery – the Field Artillery – which is the twenty-five pounder, which is the smaller gun. Eventually, when I got overseas I joined the 12th Field Regiment, once I got over to Europe. We were the 7th Brigade. Our regiment was the very first regiment, so I'm told, to have fired on French soil, from French soil, during the invasion. We supported the Winnipeg Rifles, the Canadian Scottish, and the Regina Regiment. So the regiment was in there pretty early.

We participated in most of the major battles of northern France, and of course Belgium, Holland and Germany. By the end of the war at a place called Aurich in northern Germany, which I believe was called Schleswig-Holstein. After the war was over we went back to Holland. We were there for a couple of weeks and I was absolutely bored, and so when they called for volunteers for the Pacific operations, as the war in the Pacific was not over as of yet, I volunteered. I arrived back home again on August the 2nd, 1945. Well, the war in the Pacific was over on August the 14th, and I was discharged from the Army in March of 1946.

Of course, later on I got involved with Branch 256 of the Royal Canadian Legion. I was the Second Vice President and Executive Officer, and a few years ago I was President of the Governor General's Horse Guards Association.

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