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Stewart Hall

Air Force

  • Stewart Hall and fellow airmen on their way to Sports Day at the YMCA.

  • Stewart Hall's Dog Tags.

  • Stewart Hall's wings showing his position as a Wireless/Air Gunner.

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"The number one guy was a chap from the States, and he had a choice of taking his number two man with him wherever he wanted…"


We were in the B-25. We used that, and it was very successful with the crew. We had the nicest captain, then came Stu, and then two more men that reported to me and supplied us with the data that we needed. We also had four guys at the rear of the plane to drop the bombs when it was necessary.

We had some pretty good guys there. I was not the top dog. I was sort of like the second dog, if you want to call it that. The number one guy was a chap from the States, and he had a choice of taking his number two man with him wherever he wanted, and he picked me. It was a case where I was the 'supplier' for him. I would help him wherever he needed help, and he taught me a lot about flying. I did learn quite a bit from him. He's still alive and I'm still alive. He lives down in the States and I live here, and we call each other every once in a while, even now. Just let each other know that we're still alive.

In the latter part of the war, the enemy had cleaned up on the French in that area. So after what the enemy did to us in France, we went out with the first group that went into Germany and did it to them. We pulled our crews together, we processed to Germany, and this was the start of the end of the war. There was one chap from St. Catharines that got picked off and I was very sorry to see him go, but when they go and crash you can't save them. It was a pretty big battle and we did very well. In fact, we were maybe about the top crew, but it was just great that we were able to do that. We were recommended as one of the units that made a big difference in the war. We got medals that proved that you were one of the top dogs in ending up the war. We had a good crew. We weren't too old, but we were young guys who were ready to go and do this for our country.

I had lost one chap I told you about, and he was from St. Catharines also, and so I gave his family a call and they invited me over there. Kind of a hard thing because I met this gal there and she was his girlfriend and all of a sudden he's gone, and so we ended up getting married. We lived together thereafter. We've been married sixty years.

The war was very important and we did our share to win so that we were able to come back and represent and show Canada that here were a couple of guys that helped us win for Canada.

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