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Robert Hume Ritchie

Air Force

  • Robert Ritchie on training, 1943.

    Robert Ritchie
  • From left to right: Robert Ritchie and Flying Officer Arthur Howie, Robert Ritchie's wireless operator.

    Robert Ritchie
  • Robert Ritchie and his Wellington bomber crew. From left to right: Flying Officer Robert Ritchie (pilot), Flying Officer M. Dean Henderson (navigator), Flying Officer George Liznick (bomb aimer), Flying Officer Arthur Howie (wireless operator), Sergeant Johnnie Brooks (air gunner), Sergeant Walter "Dusty" Billard (air gunner), Sergeant WE Jackson (RAF, flight engineer).

    Robert Ritchie
  • A navigation chart used by Robert Ritchie detailing the route of a 1943 bombing sortie (red lines).

    Robert Ritchie
  • Robert Ritchie and a Bell H-13 Sioux helicopter at the RCMP post at Craig Harbour, Ellesmere Island, NWT (now Nunavut), 31 August 1951. Robert Ritchie piloted the helicopter off the icebreaker CCGS CD Howe.

    Robert Ritchie
  • Robert Ritchie in a helicopter, 1951.

    Robert Ritchie
  • Robert Ritchie getting into the cockpit of a Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star.

    Robert Ritchie
  • Robert Ritchie, 2010.

    Historica Canada
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"There was once I heard a shot in the back of the aircraft. That was the only time that we were hit."


Living in Edmonton, I picked up a paper one day and it had my brother’s picture there. He was buried in England. So at that point, I joined the air force, right at the start; and went all through pilot training and so on. I ended up in England at the same area as my brother had been. And I was flying out of there, flying bomber aircraft. We started our training overseas; and ended up at [No.] 432 Squadron [Royal Canadian Air Force]. Well, of course, I had a navigator and a bomb aimer and a tail gunner, and then a top gunner. There was once I heard a shot in the back of the aircraft. That was the only time that we were hit.
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