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Wallace Bruce Randall

Air Force

  • Mr. Randall's Caterpillar Club Card, 1943. These cards were issued to airmen who had to parachute out of their planes. Mr. Randall was shot down over Germany and was approached by a German farmer when he landed

  • After being shot down, Mr. Randall was held at the German POW camp, Stalag Luft III, for seven months. Close to the end of the war, the prisoners, including Mr. Randall, were on a forced march and many prisoners died

  • Wallace Randall's wartime diary. In this entry he describes his trip to England after leaving Halifax on July , 1941. The water was rough and he was sea sick. He describes himself as a poor sailor

  • Mr. Randall was given this map when he arrived in England in August 1941. This map of Italy printed on silk was part of his Air Force kit

  • Wallace Bruce Randall receiving a medal in 1994

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"I decided I’d better get out of there. I was all set to try a crash land, but I didn’t know the terrain."


My name is Wallace Bruce Randall, G15511 was my service number, and I joined up in Toronto. I joined with the Air Force, and my first station was Digby, Ontario, and I learned to fly Spitfire. I went from there to – I can't tell you all the other names of the stations – several before I went overseas. I went to England with the squadron. From England over France and Germany. I had a wonderful time doing it and met some great people. Good friends, and friends I still have. I was shot down doing patrol over Germany at fairly low level. We saw a Flak barrage ahead of us and decided to turn around and go the other way. As soon as we turned around my plane was hit and all my controls were gone. I decided I'd better get out of there. I was all set to try a crash land, but I didn't know the terrain. So I bailed out and I landed in Germany. I was picked up by a platoon of German soldiers. I was taken from there to a camp. Just one of the temporary camps, so the next day they took me to a bigger camp – Sagan, Stalag Luft III – and stayed there until the end of the war. And when that happened, the British sent in some troops, picked us up and took us back.
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