Veteran Stories:
J. L. Roger Gagnon


  • Roger Gagnon receiving the Ambassador of Peace Medal from the president of South Korea during a revisit to Korea, September 1986.

    J.L. Roger Gagnon
  • The ship that transported Royal 22e Regiment soldiers from Seattle, Washington to Japan, July 1951.

    J.L. Roger Gagnon
  • Roger Gagnon at Rivers, Manitoba on his paratrooper course, July 1953.

    J.L. Roger Gagnon
  • A photograph of Roger Gagnon published in La Presse, spring 1955. While completing his paratrooper training, Mr. Gagnon's parachute only partially opened, and he fell 1000 feet.

    J.L. Roger Gagnon
  • Roger Gagnon's paratrooper wings, July 1953.

    J.L. Roger Gagnon
  • Roger Gagnon's pay book, 1950 to 1954.

    Livre de service et de paye de Roger Gagnon, 1950-54. Avec la permission de Roger Gagnon.
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