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Glenn Reed


  • Glenn Reed's family has a long history of military service. The gentleman in these photos is Glenn's great uncle who served as an ambulance driver during the First World War. Courtesy of Glenn Reed.

    Glenn Reed.
  • Glenn Reed's uncle's medical arm band that he wore as an ambulance driver during the First World War. Courtesy of Glenn Reed.

    Glenn Reed
  • Glenn's uncle, Stewart Reed, served with the Blackwatch Regiment during World War II. Stewart is in the second row, far left in this photo of his regiment. Stewart trained at the same base where Glenn later trained but was killed in Holland in 1944.

    Glenn Reed
  • Glenn Reed's Sniper Training Course Certificate. Glenn took this course in 1978. Courtesy of Glenn Reed.

    Glenn Reed
  • Glenn Reed beside a United Nations Armoured Personnel Carrier while he was stationed as a Peacekeeper in Cyprus, 1980. Courtesy of Glenn Reed.

    Glenn Reed
  • Turkish money Glenn Reed collected while a part of the UN Peacekeeping mission to Cyprus. Courtesy of Glenn Reed.

    Glenn Reed
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My name is Glenn Reed, and I was in the 3rd Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry from the years 1977 to 1980. I did one peacekeeping tour in Cyprus in April of 1980, and in that time I was employed as a rifleman patrolling the city of Nicosia on vehicle patrols, foot patrols and stationary observation posts. I was also a trained sniper and a qualified heavy and light machine-gunner. That tour lasted for six months. We were basically keeping the Greeks and the Turks from occupying each side of the island. There were no real serious instances that happened while I was there. It was relatively peaceful.

My grandfather, he was in the Great War, and he was in the cycling corps. He was in from 1914 to 1916, and he was declared medically unfit and he was given a medical release. My father was in the Royal Canadian Regiment. My uncle, Beverley Reid, was in the Royal Canadian Artillery. He served in Europe. I have another uncle, Stuart Reed, who was in the Black Watch regiment. He saw service in Europe and was killed in Holland, and he's buried in Groesbeek Cemetery in Nijmegen. And I kind of bring up the rear as a later military person from this family.

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