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Benjamin Vernon Kenny

Air Force

  • Vernon Kenny in Uniform.

    Vernon Kenny
  • Vernon Kenny, November 2009.

    Historica Canada
  • Royal Air Force pin of Vernon Kenny.

    Vernon Kenny
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"I was stationed in London for a while and there was an air raid."


I was called into the air force and decided, I was in New Carlisle [Quebec]. I was in the railroad and they took me off of the railroad and to go in the air force. And I returned to the railroad after I come back. I was stationed in a place called, there’s a big air force base there. And half was for the women, for the WDs [Wireless Dispatchers], which those were in England. And I was there with men, looking after the record office, looking after where the air force was stationed in January. It was quiet. There was no air raids in there. I was stationed in London for a while and there was an air raid. But I wasn’t long in London and I was searching. I got married in year 1945, in England, yeah. She was in the same kind of duty, she’s looking after records for the…. I think I come home on the [RMS] Queen Mary, I think, it was a quick trip home. I think the Queen Mary was the ship I traveled on.
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