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Lorne Robert Munce

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We were there about … well, maybe two or three days. Then there was a call from the infantry to the rest of us that they needed a FOO, like, a forward observation officer. So we were sent out … was about two kilometres, in a little village of IFS, I-F-S.

So we got there safely but … right behind a building but weren’t there very long. Our officer went to see what the infantry … where they wanted us to go. And four of us stayed in the tank. And wasn’t long before heavy mortar come over and landed on the tank. And that was the end of the tank, with us inside of it. But we got out okay. Burned all night of course and …

So we were with the infantry for two or three days. They sent us up another tank, an OP tank. And, in the process, we were fed by the infantry. And my driver and myself, we were sitting in a tank at around noon having our little meal. And we were sitting in a slit trench, which the infantry had made. It was partly covered but there was always an opening to get … so you could get in it. And my driver was inside. And I was just sitting in the opening and another smaller mortar come over and landed couple of feet from … we were buried alive.

So [Lew], my driver, happened to be able to start yelling. So he did. It was a little while later the infantry dug us out. So that was another experience.

We got pretty close to [Unintelligible 00:02:46] but … it was nighttime and we were supposed to take a … be on hill, I think it was 195 and … but we got on … took a wrong turn and got on the same hill as the Germans were on. [Laughs]

Our tank, our OP tank conked out on us after … Kurt Meyer, he knocked out most of the BCR tanks, 42 of them, I think, that night. And so it was a long night. So our captain, Captain [Donahue], when our tank wouldn’t start he said, “Better start walking back towards the line.” So there was four of us. So [Unintelligible 00:03:56] two and two. And he said he would stop and destroy the maps in the tank. So he was just getting out of the tank when three young Nazis come along and took him prisoner. So he was taken prisoner for the rest of the war. We managed to get back to our lines but it was a long walk, I can tell you.


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