Speaker Bio:
Charles Lewis



Speaking Topics:

Army, Remembrance, Korea

Charles was born in the United Kingdom on June 22, 1932. After World War II, all men in the United Kingdom were conscripted to the armed forces at the age of 18 for two years. After basic training, he was selected for office work in the Orderly Room, driving and gunnery. At the end of his two years, he joined the Regular Army for three years and volunteered for Korea. This resulted in a change of regiment, a 32 day unforgettable passage on H.M.S. Fowey from Southampton to Kure, Japan, more training, a boat trip to Pusan, then a long trip to Tokchon. Their base camp was at Gloucester Hill where Charles was in charge of the Orderly Room for the 8th Royal Tank Regiment for a year. He was posted to Fayid on the Suez Canal, which in 1953 was quite hazardous, and was discharged after 18 months of service. After his discharge in March 1955, he married and immigrated to Canada where he was a member of Captain Fred Campbell V.C.

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