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Paul Smith



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Navy, Remembrance, Careers, NATO

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LCdr Smith joined the Naval Reserves in 1986 as a Naval Combat Information Operator (NCIOP) and served in that capacity in several East and West coast ships until taking his commission in 2000. He has served as a Maritime surface/Sub-surface officer (MARS) in ships on both coasts in various sea going positions since then. LCdr Smith was promoted to his current rank in 2010 and took Command of HMCS KINGSTON in July 2014 were he was fortunate enough to patrol the fabled Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic as part of the search for the lost Franklin expedition ships HMS EREBUS and TERROR. He transferred to command of HMCS SUMERSIDE in 2015 where he had the opportunity to exercise with NATO forces in the Mediterranean, deploy in support of OP CARIBBE, a multi-national counter drug patrol and most recently returned from Western Africa in support of the RCN’s first deployment to the Gulf of Guinea region in over 10 years. As the Royal Canadian Navy's (RCN) first African-Canadian ship's Commanding Officer, LCdr Smith has spoken to several organizations about diversity in the CAF, leadership and domestic and international operations.

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