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Sgt Shirley Jew



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Technology, Careers, Cadets

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Sgt Shirley Jew was a Reserve Officer for two years prior to joining the Regular Forces. Sgt Jew had 16 years as a Mobile Support Equipment Operator (MSE Op), who completed her Airfield Specialist course (935.05), then changed to Military Intelligence. While in CFB Borden, she volunteered with the Nuclear Biological Chemical Response Team (NBCRT) and had training in live agents, decontamination and how to operate in hazardous situations with inter-agencies.  She finished off her time as an MSE Op in Edm with the Service Battalion. During those years, she was deployed on domestic operations from the Ice Storm to several G8 Summits, firefighting and one UN tour, to the Golan Heights (Sep 92-Mar 93). As an Intelligence Operator since 2003, she was posted in Winnipeg, where she developed a strong knowledge in collation, publishing, strategic air and briefing skills.  She received training in space applications and then the fighter world through the Tactical Fighter Intelligence Course and Exercise Wolf Safari. To round off training in the air world, Sgt Jew went to Trenton and then completed a Rotation in Camp Mirage (Dec 05-Jul 06). Sgt Jew was then posted to Ottawa as a collator with the AFG Intelligence Response Team (AIRT) and eventually became the Chief Collator. A year later she was posted to the National Defence Command Centre (NDCC), which is now the CDN Forces Integrated Command Centre (CFICC) where she has learnt to respond to natural disasters and possible emergencies that involve the Canadian Armed forces (CAF). On a daily basis, she was required to brief the team on situations that interest or may interest the Command Staff in the near future and produce products for distribution. In Aug 2010, she was posted to 4 Wing Cold Lake, Air Intelligence and started deployment training for Afghanistan as a Senior Intelligence Analyst for the HERON UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and deployed from Mar - Aug 2011, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Upon return from tour, she was attached to 409 Tactical Fighter Sqn as the Intelligence 2 i/c and was later diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI) and transferred to the readiness Training Flight (RTF) where she taught Chemical Biological Nuclear Defence (CBND), First Aid, Navigation and weapons training for the base. While there, she rescued a dog and her Captain suggested that she have Snoopy trained to become a Service K9 and they became the trial for the base. In 2014, Sgt Jew transferred to CFB Edmonton and started her transition from the Regular Forces, back to the Reserves and now is an instructor with Army Cadets in Onoway, AB. Her medals and decorations are as follows: CD 2, UNDOF, CFPSM, ISAF, SWASM and Commanders Commendations (x2).  Sgt Jew has been posted to Edmonton (x3), Borden, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Cold Lake. Currently, Sgt Jew volunteers with Courageous Companions which is a charity that assists military/veterans/first responders with Service Dogs.

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