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Sandi Banerjee



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Army, Conflict in Afghanistan, Canadian Armed Forces, Careers, Operation, UN, NATO, Peacekeeping, Peacekeeping Enforcement Operations

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LCol Sandi Banerjee is a native of Toronto, Ontario. He joined the army reserve in 1987 as a Rifleman while attending the University of Toronto. Upon completion of QL2 training, he was selected to attend Officer phase training at the Combat Training Centre in Gagetown, NB. He was commissioned as an Infantry Officer in The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada in Sept 1989. LCol Banerjee has served in a variety of appointments including reconnaissance and rifle platoon commander, and Officer Commanding infantry and combat support companies. In 2004 he was appointed Deputy Commanding Officer, a position he held until his deployment as Deputy Commander, OP SAFARI – Task Force Sudan, where he was awarded the Force Commander’s Commendation for Meritorious Service in Darfur and South Sudan. His duties in Afghanistan include Combined Joint Plans for Kandahar City with NATO ISAF Regional Command (South), for which he was awarded the Canadian Expeditionary Forces Command Commendation, and Head of Governance Branch with 6th (UK) Division, for which he was awarded the Division Commanders’ Commendation. He was appointed the Commanding Officer of The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada in September 2014. In June 2017 he was named as Canada’s representative to NATO’s Defence & Security committee at CIOR and in September also commenced duties as Directing Staff at the Army Command & Staff College in Kingston. Previously LCol Banerjee was a member of the Faculty at the Canadian Forces College where he specialized in Strategic Planning & Operations, and Information Operations. In addition to exchanges in France, the United States, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, he has worked for the Canadian Defence Academy, the Canadian Forces Recruiting, Education and Training Systems Command and on two domestic response operations with 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group. He is a graduate of the United States Marine Corps Joint Command & Staff College in Quantico, Virginia, the Canadian Forces School of Management (St Jean), the United Nations/OCHA Staff and Operations Courses (Slovenia and Geneva), the African Centre for Conflict Resolution (Kenya) and the Canadian Forces Land Command & Staff College (Kingston).

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