Speaker Bio:
Terry Spence



Speaking Topics:

Army, Air Force, Careers, Remembrance, Innovations, Technology

Sgt (ret) Spence has 29 years Canadian military experience including periods as an Infanteer, Aircraft Mechanic, Avionics Technician, Metrologist, Aviation Instructor, Commercial Pilot and twice a member of the Canadian Forces Airshow Demonstration Team the SnowBirds. He travels and lectures internationally teaching English and Physics but often to give motivational talks on citizenship, character and confidence to inspire youth. His repertoire commences from his early failures and builds to his success. He identifies those whom he considers true heroes and role models, whose conduct he hopes will inspire and educate those in attendance. Every presentation is crafted for maximum influence with age appropriate testimony.

The Memory Project includes a community of over 1,500 veterans and Canadian Forces members who are committed to sharing their stories of service.

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