Speaker Bio:
Judith Brooke



Speaking Topics:

Military history; Second World War

Judith N. Brooke, M.F. Phys., Registered Massage Therapist, and Licensed Esthetician (retired). She also worked as a freelance broadcast journalist and story producer for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her other accomplishments are: artist, traveller, a Canadian national award winning gardener, winner of the British Columbia fantasy make-up competition, winner of the Washington, USA nail artistry, a former Medicine Hat Police Victim Assistant and the author of her first book, “I’m Still Here: a letter to my children about family violence, sexual abuse, surviving and thriving”. This is her first novel: "Coincidental Casualties" An Historical Novel Topics for presentation: - effects of WW2 on children born when fathers were overseas - what people don't realize when their loved one is fighting a war - writing my book on my father's diary

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