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Sgt Clayton Carter



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My name is Clayton Carter, I was born in Edmonton, Ab, in January of 1974. I grew up on a hobby farm my parents had about 20km West of Edson, Ab. My mother was from Bridewater, NS and my father was from Edson, Ab. My Parents met in the Navy back in the late 60's, they were both posted on the East coast serving out of Halifax. The two of them completed their initial 3 year contracts, were married and moved back to Edson to take over the farm that my Grandfather left my father. In high school I made the decision to join the Navy. I did my boot camp in Cornwallis in September of '93. I was then posted to the West coast and served on HMCS Vancouver, Regina and Annapolis. I finished out my contract in '96, took a three year break and rejoined as a Combat Engineer in May of '99. After my completion of Battle School in Petawawa I was posted to 1 Combat Engineer Regiment in Edmonton, November of '99. I completed two tours in Bosnia and served in Canaskas country for the G8 summit. I was an Engineer from '99 to 2006, took another break and re-enlisted again in 2008 and an Royal Canadian Air Force Fire Fighter. After completing my fire training in Borden, Ontario, myself and my family were posted to Shearwater, NS. After five years in Shearwater I was posted to HMCS ships on the East coast, serving on Preserver, Athabascan and HMCS St. John's. In 2016, I was stationed to CFS Alert. Currently, I am posted to 4 Wing Cold Lake as a Sgt/Deputy Platoon Chief.

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