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Andrew Beauchamp



Major Beauchamp was born and raised in Calgary Alberta. Following high school Major Beauchamp studied Business Administration at Mount Royal College and in the spring of 2000 he joined The Calgary Highlanders as an Infantry Officer. In September 2004 Major Beauchamp moved to Lethbridge where he studied Human Resources and Labour Relations Management at the University of Lethbridge. While attending school in Lethbridge Major Beauchamp was attached to 18th Air Defence Regiment RCA where he was a Troop Commander and Course Officer. In 2006 Major Beauchamp graduated from the University of Lethbridge and returned to The Calgary Highlanders where he was employed as a Rifle Platoon Commander.


From February to October 2008 Maj Beauchamp deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan as a Force Protection Platoon Commander with the National Support Element. While in Afghanistan Major Beauchamp’s platoon maintained security at Kandahar Air Field’s primary entry point and protected resupply convoys moving in Kandahar Province. Following his deployment Major Beauchamp returned to The Calgary Highlanders where he has served in every staff and command appointment from Operations Officer to Company Commander. In 2013 Major Beauchamp Completed the Army Operations Course. In his spare time Major Beauchamp enjoys being active in the outdoors and spending time with his family. His hobbies include running, hiking, skiing, swimming, and sailing.

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