Speaker Bio:
Stephen (Steve) Giberson



Steve was born and raised in NB where he joined Army Cadets at the age of 14 and spent summers in the Yukon and Germany before becoming a CIC officer. He decided to join the Regular Force on the ROTC scholarship program and upon graduation from the Royal Military College was employed as an Armour Officer with the Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD). During his Reg F career, he was selected for employment as a Chemical, Biological, Radiation and Nuclear (CBRN) Officer/Operator with the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM).

After 26 years of full time service, he transferred to the Canadian Army Reserves we're he currently serves as a part-time Infantry Officer with the Brockville Rifles. During his service, Steve has been operationally deployed in various parts of the world including Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as several domestic security and counter-terrorism operations including the 2010 Olympics and G8/G20 Summits.

Steve holds bachelor degrees in Military and Strategic Studies as well as Psychology and Masters degree in Defense Studies. Outside of CAF service, Steve has been a fire-fighter first responder for over 15 years in various departments including the role of fire chief. His hobbies include flying, shooting, SCUBA diving, Kart racing and writing country music. He is involved with several initiatives in support of military and first responder PTSD programs.

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