Speaker Bio:
PO Harold R. Keene



Speaking Topics:

Second World War, Korean War

As a teenager, I witnessed the home-front effects of World War 2, along with admiration of those in uniform. At age 18, with High School completed, I anxiously joined the Canadian Navy. It was an opportune time for extensive travel; taking me to some 26 foreign countries & circling the Globe. Without doubt, the Navy turned boys into responsible men. After serving in the Korean War; I returned to civilian life in 1953. The food industry seemed appealing as I realized everyone had to eat. As Senior Vice President of a well known retailer, I retired in 1989. My wife & I reside in Muskoka & usually avoid its harsh winter by soaking up the sun in Florida. I enjoy the outdoors & am an active hunter, boater & fisherman. Similar to my health; life is good.

The Memory Project includes a community of over 1,500 veterans and Canadian Forces members who are committed to sharing their stories of service.

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