Speaker Bio:
Lt. (retd) Patrick Kelly



Speaking Topics:

Careers, Cadets, Community Service

Military career started in 1961 when I joined Sea Cadets, in 1963 I was a petty officer and the army cadets wanted me. I joined the army cadets in 1963. In 1964 the army reserves wanted me so I joined the reserves. I was in all three at the same time. I believe I was the youngest CPL in the reserves at age 16. In 1967 I graduated and entered the RCAF. I stayed in the RCAF until 1970. In 1976 the army reserve wanted me and I enrolled as an officer I retired in 1992. At age 59 the CIC wanted me and I joined and retired 3 years later. During my career I received the CD, CD1 and the St John Award for merit for saving a life at CFB Gagetown in 1984. My father was a WWII vet with the Royal rifles of Canada who were in Hong Kong. My father was Sgt Gander's handler. He was brought to the British Consul in Ottawa in November 2000 and presented the Higgin's Medal for Sgt Gander. I also have a presentation on tmhe battle of Hong Kong put out by the Hong Kong Commerative Association.

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