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Nick Kerr



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I enlisted in the Canadian Forces in August, 2003 as a regular force member. I joined the military for several reasons. Firstly, the Canadian Forces are my family business and both my father and Grandfather served as members of the PPCLI. Also, I valued the Canadian Forces as an organization that would allow me to serve my country and protect the freedoms and rights important to all Canadians. Additionally, I knew that the Army would provide me with ways to develop personally, testing me to every limit time and again and help me to grow professionally, through training and skills development. I have been fortunate to receive training and development over my years in the military from skilled and competent instructors. I have a natural tendency to prefer hands-on courses and training, due to my tactile and participative learning style. I learn best by actively experiencing a subject and enjoy training that relies heavily on fieldwork and hands-on practice. I also find the competitive spirit of much of my previous military training to be useful and motivating.My military experience from Aug 2003 to present. I have served with 2PPCLI and The Canadian Scottish Regiment. Theater of operations, OP Archer Afghanistan TF 1-06 , Operation Pallachi 2008 Avalanche Control, OP Box Top CFS Alert 2009, OP Podium 2010 Olympics and Operation Lustre 2011 Manitoba Floods .

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