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Jack Lockard


  • The Memory Project, Historica Canada
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Arle Jack Lockard. I was born in 1924, February the 11th. I didn’t want to go overseas but I joined the army and stayed in Canada until- if they needed me, I would have gone overseas but it was getting late in the season; they didn’t need me I guess because I agreed to go. My brother was in the army, he went overseas. He drove officers in the Second World War. My dad was in the First World War, Arle Lockard.

We were in Regina, Saskatchewan where I took my training in marching, training with other troops. There were guys that went overseas and was killed. They were happy to get their hand on a rifle…They were young guys, like myself. Some of them went overseas and some didn’t.

I was able to shoot right from the time I was four years old, I was starting to shoot right on the ranch. In the wintertime, I was shooting jackrabbits and skinning them out for five cents apiece. Getting the hides; I got five cents for them. I could shoot good at 200 or 300 yards, I could hit the bull’s-eye without any trouble.

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