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Jacques Chouinard


  • Three Royal 22nd Regiment officers (Major André Langlais, Major Bill Wells, Lt Jacques Chouinard) and a local policeman, in Gambatesa, Italy, October 1943.

    Jacques Chouinard
  • Officer in charge of sports for the Royal 22nd Regiment, 2nd Battalion, Germany, 1954.

    Jacques Chouinard
  • British Army boxing championship in Germany, 1954.

    Jacques Chouinard
  • Visit to Casa Berardy, Italy, with members of Royal 22nd Regiment, 1981.

    Jacques Chouinard
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"What's arrived, in fact, it's that communications we had were a little bit primary and the whole turned little in disaster because we were never able to communicate between the Colonel of the Regiment, General Bernachi, and myself"


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