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George Burton


  • George Burton, in the late 1940's, with his new car, a Dodge Cornet.

  • Medals awarded to George Burton for service in the Second World War and the post-war period. Mr. Burton served with the Saskatoon Light Infantry.

  • George Burton on Sentry Duty in Southern England, summer of 1940.

  • George Burton(left) and Don Fraser taken in Dundurn, SK in 1939 before they went overseas.

  • George and Janet Burton taken by a wedding photographer in Saskatoon in 1949.

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"He was going to ask everyone to throw in their rations to make Christmas dinner."


My name is George Burton….and I was with the Saskatoon Light Infantry: the machine gun battalion. We were stationed near Ortona. At Christmas, the CO said “would you like to celebrate like everyone else?” I think he had saved up the rations so that everyone got a little piece of turkey. Unfortunately, the Germans sent a bomb over atop of it and knocked all the Christmas preparations out. Unfortunately there wasn’t much of our rations left. So he loaded the back of a truck and took a horn to make enough noise for everybody to hear. He was going to ask everyone to throw in their rations to make Christmas dinner. Everyone had to go forth and pick up the pieces of turkey strewn all over the countryside when the bomb hit the truck. Everyone pitched in, but all they found were cans of cheese! But then, we had a good Christmas.
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