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Gaston Bélanger


  • Gaston Belanger's photo when he was 21, in Paris, France, June 1st, 1945.

    Gaston Belanger
  • Photo of Gaston Belanger during his first leave, with his friend and the landlord's daughter of the Hôtel du Nord in Brussels, Belgium, where Canadians spent some times in January 1945.

    Gaston Belanger
  • Photo of Gaston Belanger in St. Jerome, Quebec, in October 1943.

    Gaston Belanger
  • Pamphlet of a religious ceremony in Germany, May 13th, 1945.

    Gaston Belanger
  • Gaston Belanger in Camp Borden, Ontario, February 23th, 1944.

    Gaston Belanger
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"... We cross again on the Mauritania to go back to Canada and we suffered the worst storm of the winter. I couldn't go on a cruise after that."


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